Press Release: 04/29/2009 – Wine Lovers Tours Announces Two Italian Wine Tours to Southern Italy in Fall 2009

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Anyone planning a wine tour in Italy should consider the two destinations selected by Wine Lovers Tours for this fall. Lovers of Italian wine can now visit wineries in Puglia and Sicily.

New Haven, Conn. – April 29, 2009 – Wine lovers and tourists looking for a wine tour of Southern Italy, the beacon for the Italian wine industry, now have two new touring options from Wine Lovers Tours: Puglia and Sicily. All of the major players in Tuscany and Piedmont have established, or are in the process of establishing, wineries in Italy’s meridian, and with the addition of these new destinations, wine aficionados can experience not only the Italian wines, but the landscape and culture where they are created.

“Puglia and Sicily epitomize what we love to do on our tours: combine wine, food and culture,” said Vin Marottoli, President of Wine Lovers Tours. Visits to Puglia’s Baroque gems in Lecce will be combined with unique winery visits and culinary experiences chosen to highlight local cuisine.

And Sicily’s Greek ruins are the perfect backdrop to a stage of wine and food visits. There are few regions in Italy that can match what Puglia and Sicily offer for wine, food and culinary experiences at such great value.

Each tour features 8 nights and breakfast and lunch or dinner each day. The Puglia tour will spend 4 nights in Bari and 4 nights in Lecce. Sicily will feature 3 nights in Palermo, 2 in Agrigento, 1 night in Siracusa and 2 nights in Taormina.

Some of the highlights in Puglia will be visits to the unique trulli of Alberobello and the Baroque splendor of Lecce. And Sicily offers Greek ruins that rival anything found in Greece.

The word value needs to be emphasized. The all inclusive Italy wine tour costs are among the lowest in the industry featuring top hotels, VIP visits and superb meals.

Vin’s wine tours are intended for people who don’t normally like group tours. “We try to create an atmosphere of a family or group of friends traveling together,” said Marottoli. Over 80% of his tour participants come back, so he must be doing something right! The “secret” is well-organized unique visits that combine wine, food and culture at an all inclusive cost.

For more information about the upcoming Italian wine tour of Puglia and the wine tour of Sicily offered by Wine Lovers Tours, visit

About Wine Lovers Tours:
Vin Marottoli of Wine Lovers Tours has over 25 years experience organizing and leading wine tours to the world’s most popular wine destinations. Vin has a Ph.D. in French and is fluent in French, Spanish and Italian.

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