Greek Wine Revival

By August 6, 2010Winemakers

From our 2010 wine tour to Greece

Some of the most wine savvy people in the world are increasingly becoming infatuated with Greek wines. In prepping for our trip to Greece I came across a very interesting article written by one of England’s most respected wine critics.

” I have become a passionate devotee of what Greece’s finest winemakers are producing. The innovations and improvements have been startling.”

This is none-other than Serena Sutcliffe, MW, gushing about wines of Greece. Who would have thought that Greece has finally shown up on the wine-radar screen! or at least so soon. Ms. Sutcliffe was actually more surprised by the dramatic improvement in Greek white wines although she lavishes praise on many of the indigenous red varieties such as Agiorgitiko and Mavrodaphne. She singles out numerous cutting-edge Greek winemakers such as Domaine Helios, Domaine Palivos, Gaia Estate and the King of them all, George Skouras, whose red wine Synoro she refers to as “the Cheval Blanc of Greece!”

From our 2010 wine tour to Greece

For the complete article refer to Quarterly Review of Wines Autumn 2009.

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