Isn’t it frustrating to visit wineries, try some new and unusual wines which you’d love to bring home so you can relive the experience- only to remember that you can’t carry liquids on the plane. And you remember the last time you packed them in your suitcase and a bottle broke and so you reluctantly pass on purchasing any wines.

wine shipping carton

It doesn’t have to be that way because there is an inexpensive solution which I use all the time. I purchase a special shipping carton with a styrofoam insert that accommodates 12 bottles. When I get to the airport, I check them in as luggage.

Here’s how it works: when you leave for your destination,you check in your suitcase and this empty carton. I usually wrap mine with cord after packing inside enough cord and tape for when I’m ready to seal up the carton when it’s full. When I arrive at my destination, I start accumulating wines at the wineries and put them into the carton. When I reach 12, I seal and tie the carton and voilà, it’s ready to be checked in as luggage.

The carton is stamped with a special seal indicating that it meets shipping standards and if I’m asked what’s inside, I simply say wine in an approved shipping container. I have never had a problem, except occasionally at smaller airports, but when I show them that seal, it gets through in a flash. Granted, some airlines may charge if you have more than 1 piece of luggage, but at least you now have a fool-proof way of bringing home those cherished trophy wines to relive your memories.

And if you’re concerned about the duty on a case of wine, it’s pennies and the customs people have never made me pay; they just wave me through

The best place to buy these shipping cartons is through a company called ebeaver. You can order on line at and even get a special 5% discount. I use the 12 bottle standup regular carton but you can also get the 12 bottle Universal Stand Up Shipper designed for Champagne bottles.

Here’s how to get your 5% discount: go to, click on the order form and at the very bottom of the order form is a place where you can leave a comment; just type in Wine Lovers Tours 5% discount.

Happy Shipping!

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