Day 4 in Uruguay: Lust or Bust

By April 3, 2011Wine Tours

I know it sounds cute but my blog (our final one from Uruguay) is inspired by Matt Kramer and his article Wine and Money in the April 30,2011 issue of Wine Spectator. Matt claims that the problem facing emerging wine nations, such as Uruguay, is that low prices do not equate with most consumers as being a wine deserving of their attention. Until and unless they increase and can command higher prices, most consumers essentially think that inexpensive wines cannot be good wines. Argue whatever you wish, but Matt makes an excellent point, and I quote: Above the $20 level, the relationship between quality and price is a marriage of your lust and their calculation. After 4 days in Uruguay, I can honestly claim that wines from this country are indeed worthy of your attention. There are 5/10 worldclass wineries in this country. Now you may not be able to easily find wines from Uruguay, but when you have the opportunity, jump on it. You will be the first on your block to see how juicy a great Tannat can be, especially with a beef dinner.

Today was not a wine day; I went to Punta del Este to see what the hubbub was, and I was underwhelmed. Maybe because it was after the season and the city was practically deserted; or maybe I was spoiled by Miami Beach. I am looking forward to visiting Colonia tomorrow before we board a high speed ferry to take us to Buenos Aires.

modern art in the sand

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