Wine & Your Health: Cheers!

The Head Ache

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I’ve come across quite a few news items discussing wine & health issues which I think you’ll find interesting as well as useful.

One has to do with wine and headaches. Does wine actually cause headaches? It probably does, but not for the reasons you may
suspect. Histamines can be ruled out as headache inducers as well as sulfites. More likely causes of headaches would be alcohol, tyramine or even stress. Read more…

Another interesting piece of research contends that when & how much you drink has a big impact on preventing heart disease. If you think that moderate amounts with meals is the key, you are right! You can read more in a NY Times summary of the research or if you’re really curious and have time, go to the original research article.

There has also been some serious research investigating wine as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. Although it’s much too early to substitute a glass of wine for a pill, it’s not out of the question that this could be a possibility in the future. Read more…

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