Brazil: the Next Frontier on the Wine Scene

By September 21, 2011Winemakers
Serra Gaúcha

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Brazil is a BIG country- bigger than the continental US. Their economy is booming and mark my words: you WILL be hearing more about the wines of Brazil in the very near future.

I recently attended a wine tasting in New York  sponsored by Wines from Brazil. And VinVino was impressed! There were over a dozen wineries present, from tiny boutique to gigantic (18 million liters). Most of the wines are produced in southern Brazil, particularly the region called Serra Gaúcha, not far from the border with Uruguay. Wine was introduced to the area by Italians who emigrated by the legions about 100 years ago. Indeed all of the owners of the wineries at the tasting had Italian surnames.

I was impressed by all the wines; there was not a dog among them, from creamy sparkling wines to crisp fruity chardonnays to intense cabernets.  Here are some comments:

Miolo Millesime NV- a creamy Champagne-like beauty of a sparkling wine from a 50/50 blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Santo Emilio- Leopoldo ’07; a deep red color with a bordeaux blend of 65% merlot and 35% cabernet

Salton-Desejo ’07, 100% merlot which benefited from 13 month’s oak

If you’d like to explore wines of Brazil further, try this

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