Cruising the Douro

By October 14, 2011Winemakers

Vin in the Douro vineyards

Sorry I haven’t been able to post more blogs but internet service has been spotty as we travel eastward on the Douro. All I can say is that the tour so far has been fantabulous! This is my 4th tour of the Douro and the Port region and I will add my best! I love the combination of the 5 day cruise and the additional land visits. My previous tours were all by land which has advantages and disadvantages, but now that we’ve traveled as far as possible on the Douro, and combined that with flawless land visits, I am convinced there is no other way to visit this area. The cruise has been relaxing so it’s like a vacation within a vacation. I’ve been able to conduct wine tastings on board just for our group and we’ve had two private visits to two quintas. We also spent a full day in Salamanca yesterday. I’ll post tomorrow with a few details of the cruise portion but I wish that all wine lovers could have the opportunity to see the Douro this way. I can’t wait to do another but this one isn’t finished yet so we still have much to look forward to. I do have photos on our webpage so you can see some of the things we’ve done.

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