Diary from Galicia: A White Wine Wonderland

By October 16, 2011Winemakers

We docked yesterday in Porto and left immediately for Galicia and our lunch appointment at Pazo de Galegos. This visit was set up courtesy of Patrick Mata of Ole Imports which introduced this wine to the US. It is one of the most outstanding examples of Albariño- and one of the most expensive. Our hosts were Manual Garcia Gomez and his son Pablo, the winemaker. This is a small, limited production winery that makes just 2 wines: their outstanding Albariño which has the creaminess of a wine that has had batonnage of the lees and a partial malolactic fermentation, and their Mencia, a blend of local red grapes with a fruitiness and acidity of a very good beaujolais.

Pazo de Galegos has a restaurant and our delicious meal was prepared by Manuel’s wife: asparagus crepes and local beef brought to our tables on a sizzling plate where it finished its cooking. We had 2 desserts: one was a surprise birthday cake for one of our participants celebrating her birthday that day.

We then checked into our hotel: Pazo de Almuzara. Pazo is a Galician baronial home, many of which have been converted into hotels. Everyone loved their rooms because we seemed to go back in time to the late 1800’s.

Today we went to Ribadavia, the heart of Galicia’s wine country and had a tasting at a family winery run by the same family for 7 generations. We then went into town for lunch: a typical Galician cocido or stew with copious variety and amounts of food. One does not come to this region to lose weight! We finished our day in with a guided tour of the old town, known for its former Sephardic community. This was not your normal Sunday and it took the bite out of missing Sunday football.

400 year old vine at Pazo de Galegos

Our Hosts at Pazo de Galegos

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