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By November 25, 2011Winemakers
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Inspired by the recent article by Eric Asimov in the NY Times, I decided to be daring on Thanksgiving and forego wine for beer. Not just any beer but ‘sour’ beer as specified in the article. The claim was that sour beers are actually the perfect accompaniment to food.

And guess what? They were correct. And everyone at dinner who tried the ‘sour’ beer agreed that it went very well with the turkey and the side dishes. Since I didn’t have the article with me when I went to buy the beers, I selected 2 Belgian beers based on the label descriptions: Petrus Aged Pale Grand Reserve ($9- 750 ml) and Saison DuPont Belgian Farmhouse Ale. Lambics are the beers to look for as being the most sour and I recall visiting a farm brewery in Belgium years ago where the yeast enters the wort naturally from the nearby fields.

What we discovered was that the Saison was more like an ale so the word Farmhouse was misleading.But the Petrus was a different story: sour from the getgo. Maybe acidic would be a euphenism but it indeed sour. However after the initial reaction you warm up to the taste and we actually enjoyed it as a sipping beer and as a foil for the turkey.

Attention: Lovers of Burgundy wine- The Burgundy Wine Board has launched a new site that will help you learn everything you need to know about Burgundy. The online learning module features interactive maps, quizzes and even suggestions for food pairings. The visuals are great and it’s probably the next best thing to being there. Of course you can always join us on our next tour to Burgundy. Check it out at

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