Crazy Vin in Portugal. Brazil a Possible Wine Tour Destination?

By February 29, 2012Winemakers

Brasil is more than wine

Brasil: a wine destination of the future!

Well, after another wonderful wine tour to Portugal in October 2011, I am happily back in Lisbon again for 3 days. My wife calls me ‘Crazy Vin;’ my brother-in-law’s name is ‘Capt. Chaos.’ But there is a method to my madness.

First I was invited to attend the BTL, international travel show, held each year in Lisbon. Second, the Portuguese Tourist Board paid for me to come here (remember, I’m Marchegian.) Third, I want to make contacts for a possible wine tour to Brasil and many, many of the booths here are from Brasil, including the wine area in Southern Brasil. I’ll try to post another update but I’ve had Brasil on the radar screen ever since I attended a tasting of Brasilian wines in NYC. They are very good and they are owned mostly by Italian immigrants.

The show by the way is huge: 4 halls each as large as the Boston Wine Expo venue at the World Trade Center. Many grandiose booths with many pouring Champagne and Portuguese sparkling wines freely with all kinds of delicious nibbles. It was tough work but someone had to do it.

So it has been very productive; and remember Brasil is a wine destination to watch, and you heard it first right here.

Enjoy these photos from the BTL Portugal.

Making a Champagne mojito

Making a Champagne cocktail

a new wine friend

Brasil: a future Wine Lovers destination


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