The Lull Before the Bordeaux tour

By May 13, 2012Winemakers, Wines
Nicolas de Bailliencourt of Chateau Gazin, a great Pomerol

Roz and I arrived in Bordeaux 2 days ago and it seems as if we did so much already. It has been much too long since our last visit: we have some great friends here and had dinner last night with Serge, who used to be our bus driver before he retired. In a way it makes me wish that I just did tours to Bordeaux so I would come back every year. This is such a beautiful city with a lot to offer besides wine, although it is the indisputable mecca for wine lovers.

Yesterday I went to the tasting of the Union of Grand Cru producers held in Hangar 14 Hangar 14along the Garonne River in downtown Bordeaux. It was like the Boston wine Expo, except only Bordeaux producers pouring two of their wines: the 2009 and an older vintage. There were many great estates there and I tried tasting (and spitting) as many as I could before I pooped out. Here’s what I learned:there are over 4000 estates in Bordeaux! It is probably the largest wine producing area in the world. Please enjoy these photos and I look forward to many updates during our stay so please check our blog regularly.

Olivier Casteja of Doisy-Védrines: One of the great Sauternes!

Eric Miailhe of Chateau Coufran, well-known cru bourgeois

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