Oysters + 1 star Michelin

By May 20, 2012Winemakers

OK, so today wasn’t a ‘wine day’ but although the focus wasn’t wine, we did have some nice wine nevertheless. We drove to Arcachon and boarded our private boat, Ile des Oiseaux, for a guided tour of Arcachon’s famed Parc aux Huitres. Alain, our oyster

Arcachon oyster boat

grower, explained how he and the other 299 oyster growers do their laborious work. Over the course of 3 years, they visit the oyster beds 35 times, each time checking the growth and condition of the delectable mollusks. We each had a plate of 8 oysters (#3 size) just harvested that morning, accompanied by bread, butter and white wine. We were able to see the Dunes of Pyla from the distance, huge mountains of beach sand.

Then it was lunch time- and what a lunch! I would rate it as the best we’ve had so far. The 1 star Michelin rated La Guérinière near Arcachon had it all- atmosphere, impeccable service and an over-the-top meal: hors d’oeuvres, layered foie gras, filet of lieu jaune (cod), a trio of cheeses and a caramel mousse dessert., all accompanied by two nice wines: a white Graves from Chateau de Malle and a merlot based red from the Cote de Thongue near Montpellier. Would we go back? In a New York minute!

layered foie gras at La Guérinière

our oyster tasting

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