Travel Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It?

By September 7, 2012Travel Tips, Wine Tours

Let’s face it: if you buy insurance you really don’t want to use it, because it probably means something bad happened. But insurance makes sense because it provides protection in vulnerable moments.

Such is the case with travel insurance. To insure or not to insure: that is the question many people ask before buying a tour package. If something happens before or during the tour to you or to someone close to you, you will need to leave the tour and probably lose whatever funds you’ve expended. Travel insurance protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. I personally believe that anyone over the age of 50 should seriously consider getting travel insurance, with full features that cover medical emergencies as well as the money lost when a tour is cancelled or interrupted.

But how to choose the best policy is probably the main reason most people never get the insurance: it’s just too confusing to understand the minutiae. But the August 2013 edition of International Travel News had a superb article on travel insurance that is compulsory reading: “Travel Insurance Chart.”

The article, written by Wayne Wirtanen, has two parts: the first provides a general background of what to look for in travel insurance; and the second part provides an excellent chart that summarizes 20 travel insurance policy options in plain, simple, easy-to-understand layman language. You won’t be able to access the article if you don’t subscribe to ITN; however the article is reproduced on my web site. The bottom line: for about $300- or less- you can get a complete  full-feature policy on a $2500 trip. I strongly urge anyone planning a trip to read the articles; and while you’re at it, I also suggest that you subscribe to ITN. It is the most reasonably priced travel publication that I have seen:

insure-my-tripCompare Travel Insurance Policies and Prices:
My own Wine Lovers Tours website also has a link to which will quickly provide price comparisons among different companies.

Article revised: June 24, 2015

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