Modena: A Balsemic Vinegar Lovers’ Delight

By October 10, 2012Winemakers

Today was a foodies’ delight- food, wine and culture!

First we started with a guided walking tour of Modena; many beautiful  historical sights but my personal favorite: the duomo where Pavarotti once sang with his father.

Then we went to Villa di Corlo where our hostess, Maria Antoneita Munari, gave us a tour of the magnificent grounds, and more importantly for us foodies, the acetaia in the attic: we were given a

Villa di Corlo acetaia

wonderful explanation of how balsamic vinegar is produced and then we tasted 80 year old balsamic!

Lunch was prepared by the winemaker Giuseppe’s wife- a local specialty: gnocco frito- fried pasta- with an assortment of charcuterie, cheese and a special local dessert made from grape must. We also tasted all their lambruschi- Villa di Corlo gets 2 glasses from Gambero Rosso for all their wines; not too shabby.

Villa di Corlo lambrusco tasting

We finished the day with a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

A trifecta day: wine, food and culture.

Tomorrow we continue our quest to get the best lambrusco.


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