We Found the Great Lambrusco! Day 3 in Emilia Romagna

By October 11, 2012Winemakers

Our quest on this trip was to find a great lambrusco, and today I think we did.

We started with a visit to Albinea Canali, owned by the giant Riunite Cooperative. How big is Riunite? Well, if you add in their G.I.V. division, they produce almost 200 million bottles! Albinea at 250,000 is a tiny percentage of their production, but has the greatest potential to produce their best lambrusco. Look for their Ottocentonero Canali to be again in the 3 bicchieri running next year.

Our next visit was to Ermete Medici and all of us believe this is

Ermete Medici acetaia

where you’ll find the best lambrusco.  We had a stupendous tasting of their best wines, led by the dynamic brother/sister duo of Alberto and  Alessandra: Unique Spumante Rosé which in a blind tasting could easily be confused with champagne; Daphne Malvasia Secco, a well balanced white; Quercioli Assolo lambrusco; Bocciolo lambrusco gasparossa amabile; and their gem: Tenuta Rampata Concerto Reggiano lambrusco, a 3 Bicchieri winner this year and last year.

Alberto Medici

We also had the opportunity to visit their acetaia and had a delicious lunch prepared and served by the family. The highlight was a melt-in-your-mouth bechamel spinach lasagna to die for!

We ended the day with a visit to Lini910, another winery on the leading edge of lambrusco producers. They also produce an outstanding line of spumante which would give champagne a challenge.

Alicia and Alberto Lini

We’ll have some other producers tomorrow but it will be hard to duplicate or surpass today.

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