Bye, Bye Emilia Romagna! We Found a Winner!

By October 13, 2012Winemakers

Yesterday was our last wine day in Emilia Romagna.

We started with a visit to Orsi-San Vito in the Colli Bolognesi DOC, a tre bicchieri winner for their wine made from the indigenous Colli Bolognesipignoletto grape. It’s a medium sized winery for the area and boasts a biodynamic philosophy. Alberto Ecchia, the winemaker, escorted us around the small, functional winery with its mixture of stainless, cement, wood and clay wine vessels. We tasted their sparkling wine, including one that was unfiltered and still with lees. We also had their Barbera but

Orsi-San Vito

unfortunately they sold out on their 3 glass winner.


After a Bolognese themed  lunch in Bazzano featuring Orsi wines, we continued to the Vallona Winery, my absolute top find of the entire tour. Maurizio Vallona is quite a character and he exudes his love for his wines, especially his specialty, the Pignoletto. Let me tell you this: you’ll search long and hard to find any Pignoletto but it’s worth the search. It expresses the individuality of its alternate clay and pebble terroir: a deep gold color, a complex nose with hints of fruit and vanilla and a full body. You may not find Vallona since VIAS stopped importing them 2 years ago. They are looking for a US importer now and let me advise whoever has the wisdom to add Vallona to their portfolio: this is a WINNER!.I bought 4

Maurizio Vallona with Vin

bottles for my Emilia Romagna tasting when I return home: the Pignoletto Classico, the Pignoletto Ammesolo (on wood), Pignoletto Late Harvest and the Cabernet A Giovanni.

We arrived in Bologna at our palatial hotel, the Carlton, one of Bologna’s long-time top hotels.

Today some of us went on a bus tour of Bologna; we were told to look for the City Redbus, a challenge since all public buses in Bologna are red. We finally found it and had a wonderful orientation of this historic town known for its university and also as the home of Marconi.

Tonight we have our farewell dinner which will include, of course, lasagne bolognese!

Colli Bolognesi


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