Senior Citizens: Rejoice! Wine is Good for You

By December 29, 2012Winemakers

I was oh  so happy to come across this headline: “Light to Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Disability: Variable Benefits by Health Status” in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

If you are a senior citizen, I encourage you to read the entire article, the premise of which is: light consumption of alcohol is better than no consumption for mobility and general well-being as you get older. I was particularly interested because one of the cities used for the study was my hometown of New Haven, Conn.

Light to moderate consumption is defined as 15 or less drinks per week. In other words, some alcohol consumption helps your general well-being as well as your mobility.

English: A senior citizen while practicing his...

English: A senior citizen while practicing his fitness exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However if you suffer from any health problems or mobility issues, take note: Alcohol consumption in moderation might reduce the risk of developing physical disability in older adults in good health but not in those in poor health.

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