Update: Red Wine & Your Health

By January 31, 2013Wine & Health

I always keep on the lookout for news on possible health benefits of drinking wine and a recent Wine Spectator report is encouraging enough to point out.


Resveratrol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Resveratrol has long been known for its beneficial impacts and recent preliminary studies  published in Cancer Science have added to this belief. In this research, patients who were given treatment with resveratrol prior to radiation treatment had a more positive effective  result than patients who didn’t receive the treatment.

“In theory, either resveratrol can be given with a full dose of radiation to enhance tumor killing or with a lower dose of radiation to limit radiation side effects,” said co-author Michael Nicholl, M.D., a University of Missouri assistant professor and a practicing oncologist at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

It was also pointed out that other natural compounds such as green tea extract have also show promise.

So continue drinking your red wine (or green tea) and here’s hoping that these preliminary trials prove fruitful.

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