#1 US Winery Marries #5 French Winery

By March 1, 2013Winemakers

I had the pleasure recently of attending the annual Boston Wine Expo, which besides the opportunity to taste thousands of wines also offers unique one on one encounters with well known members of the wine trade.

Thomas Bachelder, Jean-Charles Boisset and Jamie

Thomas Bachelder, Jean-Charles Boisset and Jamie (Photo credit: nondoctor)

I sat in on a seminar for the trade that featured husband and wife team of Gina Gallo, whose family owns the world’s largest winery, and her husband, Jean Charles Boisset, whose family owns the 5th largest winery in France. Jean Charles is a charmer and smoozer who is an excellent ambassador for the family’s wines which have expanded out of France and include several wineries in California and Italy. She adds the charm and sophistication while he adds the marketing psyche. Together they should make beautiful music together. They already have a set of twins and seem poised to prepare for the next generation. Gina’s grandfather Giulio, together with his brother Ernest, parlayed a garage wine facility into the world’s largest wine producer. And the Boisset Burgundy winery has been in family hands for generations. I was really impressed how Jean Charles pressed the flesh at the Boisset table on the Convention floor. It is a harbinger of the even better things that can happen when knowledge, and money, get together.

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