Montsant: Priorato’s Kissing Cousin

By March 20, 2013Winemakers

Today we spent a glorious day in Falset, heart of the Montsant wine region, king of the monastrel grape while visiting Celler Laurona. Our guides were Noel Lang and the winemaker Marta. This is a small (40,000 bottles) operation but very


Montsant (Photo credit: nyberg_fredrik)

hands-on and quality conscious. The owner is Priorato winemaker Rene Barbier. We learned that although Priorato and Montsant share the same climate and grape varieties, the variable is the soil: slate in Priorato and schist in Montsant. My favorite was the 6 Vinyes monastrel 2006, 30 euros at the winery. We ended our visit with a superb lunch at the Hostel Sport, all local specialties, including goat for the entrée. By the way, I’m loving the chiperones and the Padron peppers.

René Barbier 1963, un Penedés que era terra de...

René Barbier 1963, un Penedés que era terra de Negres (Photo credit: catavinsemporda)

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