Penedes: Cava & More

By March 21, 2013Winemakers

Our first stop today in Penedes was the medium sized sparkling wine producer, Llopart. Medium-sized in Penedes as in 450,000 bottles, because the big guy (Freixenet) produces 120 million!

Llopart has been a family run winery since the 1800’s and they produce top rate sparklers in the mid-price range. They grow and control their own vineyards and treated our group as royalty.

From there we went to Torres, another big producer (45 million bottles) with a wide range of still and sparkling wines and brandies, in all price categories. They receive over 100,000 visitors a year but we were given a VIP tour, followed by lunch in their private restaurant, Mas Rabell.

We ended the day with a visit to another top-flight producer, Abet i Noya, which although also in Penedes, produces 60% still wine and 40% sparkling. The owner is famous for his willingness to experiment and the wines we tasted were truly outstanding.

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