Stainless Steel, Wood, Cement and…Clay???

By April 23, 2013Croatia, Winemakers

Everyone thought stainless steel fermenting tanks was the next best thing to apple pie, then some winemakers wanted to go back to their roots, and wood vats made their way back in fashion. Not to be outdone, other traditionalists went to cement vats, which was turn of the century back in the 1900’s.

But there are some winemakers doing one better upsmanship- they’re going back to the real good old days when clay pots or amphora were the only alternative. So Tomislav Tomac is going back centuries! After a trip to Georgia where supposedly wine was first made, he and his father decided to start producing wine in clay amphora, buried in the ground!

Tomislav Tomac and his Amfora

Tomac is a tiny producer with a total production of about 40,000 bottles/year, most notably sparkling. So don’t expect to find his Amfora wine anytime soon outside Croatia. Made from Chardonnay and some native white grape varieties, I have read it’s delicious and a white wine that will age. After the wine is fermented in clay, it is then put in to oak vats to mellow and age.

Tomac is one of the wineries we will visit next month on our Croatia land tour and is definitely one of the 12 wines I will bring back. Meanwhile you can follow all our activities and experiences on our daily blog reports.

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