Scene from our Dubrovnik hotel

Scene from our Dubrovnik hotel

Everyone on the Croatia by Sea tour has arrived and we just finished our welcome dinner. Tomorrow morning we have a guided walking tour of old town Dubrovnik, then we board our 15 cabin vessel which we have all to ourselves! I don’t know if I’ll have access to the internet while at sea so a report on our activities may have to wait. We are literally island-hopping interspersed with winery and cultural visits- and food. So we’ll have a lot to talk about.

We could at least start with the 4 wines we had at dinner tonight: the clear favorite was the white grasevina 2012 by Galic Winery. The grasevina is the most widely planted white grape in Croatia and this version was medium bodied, with a floral aroma and very good acidity. The 2 reds didn’t fare as well: the Fakin teran 2011 had a rustic edge to it, although it was the favorite of some in the group. The Testudo Plavac Mali is probably not the one to suggest if you can only suggest one to try. I am sure there are better and our quest is to find it during our 2 weeks in Croatia. Lastly we had a wine that will never be called the same when Croatia officially enters the EU: prosek is a dessert wine that because it too closely looks like  Italy’s prosecco- with which it has nothing in common- will have to change its name. It had a deep brown color although it was produced in 2010. Someone thought it was raisinated. It was nevertheless a pleasant wine to accompany our desserts

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