Croatia: Report from MS Kapetan Bota

We’ve been at sea for 3 days and it has been one gorgeous vista after

Swimming off our boat in the Adriatic

another. The Croatian coastline is truly spectacular and the idea of visiting islands as a unique perspective on Croatian wines, food and culture has so far proved prescient. The days have been sunny and in the 70’s. The temp drops down in the evening and it has rained but while we’re sleeping. Yesterday we visited our 2nd winery on Hvar, called one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world by Condé Nast. After a guided tour and a walk up to the citadel to get some beautiful

Croatia coast line

photos, we went to the Tomic Winery. More than one person commented that it was going to be difficult to find a better winery than Tomic. Andro Tomic built a state of the art winery from which he produces just over 130,000 bottles. He personally poured his top wines for us: a white from bogdanusa, an indigenous variety, a rosé made from the plavec mali, his plavec mali 2007 and his new creation Caplar, a blend of plavec and cabernet.We ended our light dinner with his prosek, which just won an award from Decanter magazine.

The topography on the way to the winery was stunning and unique to my eyes: as far as the eye could see, a patchwork of stones laboriously dug to create farmland and then placed methodically and precisely to create stone fences.

This morning we left for Korcula, stopping on the way for a dip in the Adriatic, jumping off the boat. The water was cold but very buoyant because of the high salt content. Then we had lunch on board and a guided tour of Korcula. Some of us are on the deck getting some sun and slumber and I’m using my USB stick from T-Mobile to connect with the world.

Korcula old town

I’ll report on tonight’s visit to the Bire Winery which we were told is the finest winery in Dalmatia.

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