Antinori’s New “Corkscrew” Headquarters

By August 28, 2013Winemakers

It took an article in the NY Times (August 27, 2013) to inform me of Antinori’s $110 million  “corkscrew.” Actually the corkscrew

Antinori’s “corkscrew”

refers to the design of the new headquarters located in Bargino.

As wineries go, it is indeed very dramatic. But supposedly you don’t even notice it as you drive by on the highway. The Florence architects purposely buried it into a hillside so it becomes part of the landscape.

Visitors enter via the corkscrew staircase made of rust colored steel. The tasting room ( where I can’t wait to bring my next group of wine lovers) is a cantilevered glassed in room hanging over the cellars. The cellars have a dramatic cavernous vaulted ceiling so you feel as if you’re in a temple of wine.

So add this to the itinerary of wineries to see in Tuscany, only remember to schedule an appointment to be able to take in this new landmark.


the cellar and tasting room

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