Alsace Wine Tour Diary: The Journey Begins – Day 1

Alsace Wine Tour 2 Veronicas: Veronique Muré and Veronica Meluzio

2 Veronicas: Veronique Muré and Veronica Meluzio

After we picked up everyone at the Strasbourg airport and stopped for lunch, we headed to our first tasting of the Alsace wine tour, the respected Domaine Muré in Rouffach. After a tour of the vineyards and wine making facility, we had our first tasting looking out at the Grand Cru Clos St. Landelin vineyard.

We started with their Pinot Noir 2011 “V”. Some people asked why we would start a tasting of almost all white wines with the only red and were told that if we tasted it at the end of the tasting, the unctuous late harvest or sélections de grains nobles would impact the appreciation of the lighter pinot noir. The pinot noir had a very nice red fruit aroma and taste, more California style than Burgundian. I did buy my first wine to bring home: their 2011 Pinot Noir Clos St Landelin which had just been awarded a bronze medal by Decanter.

We then tasted their 2011 Riesling Cote de Rouffach, a stylish minerally acidic  but well balanced wine. This was followed by the 2011 Muscat Clos St Landelin, an aromatic but bone dry wine that is hard to find in the States. I definitely will select one from another of our visits to bring back home for one of my local Wine Lover events.

Alsace Wine Tour - Little Venice in Colmar

Little Venice in Colmar, Alsace

We concluded the tasting with 2 gewurztraminers: the 2011 Cote de Rouffach and the stunning 2011 Clos Saint Landelin. A gewurz is the perfect wine to accompany spicy food and these wines werepowerful enough to stand up to even a meat course such as veal.

After checking into our very nice hotel, The Bristol, some of us went on a walking tour of old Colmar, especially wanting to see the area known as Petite Venise or Little Venice. Colmar is the perfect place to use as a base for visiting Alsace because it’s a beautiful town and close to the key wine towns.

In the evening we had our traditional welcome dinner in the Hotel’s one star Michelin restaurant, Rendez-Vous de Chasse. And what a meal it was! Many cameras flashed to take photos of the beautifully presented courses: Amuse Bouche, Foie gras de canard au muscat de Rivesaltes, Blanc de Cabillaud (cod) with piperade d’oignons et poivrons with an emulsion jus crustacés, larme de chocolat noir with crème glacée au chocolat blanc, petits fours. As great a meal as it was, everyone was anxious to get a good rest for the next day’s activities.

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