German Diary: We End with a Winner (Win-Win)

By October 11, 2013Winemakers

After docking in Mannheim, we boarded our chartered bus to head to Deidesheim where we spent a delightful afternoon at the Von Winning

von Winning aka Dr. Deinhard

Winery. This long established winery got a complete facelift when the current owner bought it 10 years ago and developed it into one of the top wineries in the Rhinepfalz or Palatinate and indeed in all of Germany. Everyone said it was one of their top visits. Of course it’s always nice to be shown around by one of the winemakers.

Von Winning practices high density planting and severe cropping and grape selection and the results have been outstanding. They produce 2 labels: the original Dr. Deinhard which uses stainless steel fermentation and no oak aging; and the Von Winning, which uses oak in fermentation and aging.

We had 6 gems for our tasting:2011 Dr. Deinhard Deidesheimer

our tasting at von Winning

Herrgottsachas riesling kabinett trocken;2011 von Winning Win-Win riesling trocken; 2011 von Winning Ruppertsberger Reiteipad riesling  trocken; 2012 von Winning Sauvignon blanc II  trocken (no oak) ; 2011 von Winning Sauvignon blanc I trocken (oak treatment); 2011 von Winning Win-Win red trocken, a delicious pinot noir.

Next time we visit this winery, we’ll be sure to book a meal at their high end restaurant,  Leopold. This is definitely a winery to look for and their wines are in the States, imported by Terry Thiese.

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