What I learned from a blind tasting

By January 19, 2014Winemakers

After decades of tastings, you would think I would know my likes and dislikes. A blind tasting is a way to be brutally honest with yourself so what I learned from our recent blind tasting at Mambo in New Haven I’d like to share with my fellow wine lovers.

Americans supposedly say dry but drink sweet. Well, I don’t think I fit that profile but based on my selections at the blind tasting, I preferred the light, juicy style of garnacha. I thought I would have liked the macho style of monastrell, but the 3 examples presented, although in and of themselves great wines, did not appeal to me. I really loved the 3 garnachas and a close 2nd was the Vivanco Rioja. I usually love tempranillo but the other 2 did nothing for me. In fact I thought the Toro tempranillo was a monastrell. 

So that’s what I learned. But guess what: my taste preferences are different than the other 49 people at the event and I hope all of them came away with a better understanding of what they like in a wine, not what others say about the wine. Remember: Trust Your Senses! Incidentally the dinner and service at Mambo was phenomenal! Check out this restaurant soon.


Wines Served at the Blind Tasting



AltoVinum Evodio    DO Calatayud 2012                $10

Zestos            DO Madrid 2011                                 $9

Ateca                DO Calatayud 2011                        $16


Vivanco            DO Rioja  2008                             $16

Manuel Campos        DO Valencia 2012                 $9

Prima             DO Toro                                           $18


Juan Gil            DO Jumilla 2011                       $16

Viña Honda        DO Jumilla    2007                    $10

Tarima Volver        DO Alicante2010                    $15

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