Ants in my Pants- But I Still Love Brazil

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We had another great day today, with a revolting incident that luckily had a happy ending. Our day started at one of the top wineries in Brazil: Dal Pizzol. With a production of 250,000 bottles, it was a stark contrast to yesterday’s winery (Salton) with a production of over 17 million bottles yearly. Dal Pizzol supports an ecological park with flora and fauna of Brazil- and a viticultural preservation area with over 400

site of Ants in Pants episode

different grape varieties. And this is where the revolting episode happened: as I was preparing to take a photo of the billboard listing all of the grape varieties, I felt things climbing up my leg. I had stepped on a mound of Brazilian fire ants and I made a run to the bathroom where I partially disrobed and eliminated all of the little buggers. My wife Roz also experienced the same thing but luckily both of us escaped with little damage done, except to our egos.

What a marvelous lineup of wines at our tasting: a brut rosé made from pinot noir and chardonnay; we never would have guessed that it was made by the Charmat process- it was creamy and delectable. Our next wine was the methode champenoise sparkler again made from Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. One of Brazil’s claims to fame will most definitely be their sparkling wines.

We then had 3 interesting reds: a fruity Pinot Noir, a 100% Touriga Nacional and an

DalPizzol Winery

obscure grape from Emilia Romagna: Ancellotta with an intense color, flavor and finish. Their top wine is the Enoteca, made from a blend of Merlot (70),Cabernet (15), and Cabernet Franc (15).

We had lunch at a Brazilian equivalent of an agriturismo: Casa  Dequigiovanni.( Jatir and his wife made our lunch highlighted by rabbit, our wines and

Jatir and Jenete

grappa and even entertained us with Italian songs. Since I don’t speak Portuguese I was able to communicate with Jatir in Italian .

Our wonderful day ended at the family run Cristofoli Winery. Bruna Cristofoli greeted us and showed us the estate established by her grandparents. She then conducted a tasting

Vin with Bruna Cristofoli

of their wines- all well made but more rustic than DalPizzol.

All in all, we have all been impressed by the high quality of Brazilian wines and dismayed that it will be very difficult to find them in the States. We are hoping that this will soon change.

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  • Neva Slattery says:

    Regarding the ants, once again you came out smelling like a rose.

    Neva says hi to Carmen.

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