Copacabana sandcastles for Carneval

By March 15, 2014Winemakers

Our stay is Rio is sheer R&R. We’ve taken in all the beauty of this city and it is truly a vibrant metropolis with incongruous juxtapositions of opulence and poverty. I will admit most of us had a paranoia of the dangers of Rio: don’t walk alone, don’t walk wearing jewelry, etc. Our 3 days here had no incidents whatsoever and we truly exjoyed the exuberance of this city. I’ve posted a few photos here and on our webpage photo album; see if you can match the titles with the photos for a vicarious experience. Enjoy!

sipping coconuts on Copacabana; Ipanema beach seen from Sugar Loaf; Carneval sandcastles; Rio sidewalk; world cup stadium Maracana; Cathedral of Rio; carneval parade viewing stands; favelas; Rio seen from Sugar Loaf; Corcovado, caqui tropical fruitphoto 4 photo 2 photo 1

IMG_4065 IMG_4053 IMG_4044 IMG_4043 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4063 IMG_4062 IMG_4061 IMG_4060 IMG_4058 IMG_4057 IMG_4056 IMG_4055 IMG_4051 IMG_4048 IMG_4047 IMG_4041

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