Sleeping with the Lions or Stuck in our Safari Truck next to 6 Sleeping Lions

You can’t make this stuff up. To update you, we are on a safari in South Africa as a prelude to our first ever wine tour to this amazing country. Everyday we do an early morning(6am) ride and evening ride through the bush, on the quest for visions of wild game.

6 sleeping lions - Safari in Africa

6 Sleeping Lions

Last night we hit the bonanza: 6 sleeping female lions. Our lights flashed but they didn’t budge, evidently sleeping off a recent kill. So after 20 minutes of photos, our driver tried to start our truck, but a dead battery and the motor would not crank. We were stuck in the dark 10 feet from 6 sleeping lions.

Thank God for walkie-talkies; after about 20 minutes, a pickup came to our rescue and towed us out and our driver was able to jump start. We’ve had some exciting moments on the safari but this topped them all. All’s well that ends well, and never a dull moment on any of our tours.

We’ve posted additional photos from the safari and will do daily blogs during the wine tour.

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