Ying and Yang: Sweet and Salty Wine Pairing with Sauternes

imageThrow this old adage out the window: white wine with white meat; red wine with red meat. It’s more important that you play one taste against another so it’s quite conceivable that you could use a white wine with dishes normally paired with red wines, or vice-versa. Or how about a sweet wine instead of a dry white or red?

Now that is iconoclastic. But that’s what our wine club, Wine Lovers of Connecticut, tried recently. We paired 4 delicious sauternes with food that you would normally pair with dry reds or whites: blue cheese & fig tartlet; fried chicken; lobster medallions; crispy prosciutto pork tenderloin.

The consensus was that the wine pairings were decent but two were outstanding: the blue cheese tart and the pork. Try pairing either of those with a good sauternes and you might see stars. And we had some great sauternes! and with age: 2002 and 2003. They’re not the least expensive wines around, but hey, aren’t you worth it?

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