Marotti vs Marottoli – What’s the Big Difference?

Wine Pairing with Italian Wine Maker, Lorenzo Marotti Campi

Lorenzo & Vin

Lorenzo & Vin

Spelling-wise, it’s only 1 syllable. We both have Marchegian heritage; we both love wines. The big difference is that I love wines, and Lorenzo Marotti Campi MAKES wine. In fact he makes very good wines from his home base of Morro d’Alba, not far from where my relatives live.

I had the opportunity to meet Lorenzo recently at a tasting here in New Haven where he paired his wines with food: two whites and two reds.

The archetypal white wine from the Marche region is Verdicchio which as Lorenzo explained, is unlike Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling or Chardonnay in that it is characterized not by its aroma, but by its steely, minerally taste. He served two versions: one without any oak aging, and the other with a little wood aging. They were both excellent wines but I guess if you like the authentic unadulterated profile, you will prefer the wine without any wood. The oak aging does add a dimension which adds complexity but diminishes the in-your-face expression of pure Verdicchio.

Marotti Campi Lagrima di Morro d'Alba

Marotti Campi – Orgiolo Lagrima di Morro d’Alba

For reds, Lorenzo poured again 2 versions of the Lagrima di Morro d’Alba, a very unique Italian red wine. Its flavor profile is part beaujolais, part home-made wine flavors: juicy yet tart and very easy to quaff. The wood aged version agains adds complexity but the razor sharp acidity is muted.

Another difference: my last name is not Marchegian but Neapolitan. My tie to the Marche region is via my mother’s side of the family. Notwithstanding, the Marche region of rolling hills is replete with history, unique cuisine, and very good wine. And not many foreign tourists either.

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