A Rosé by Any Other Name Would Taste as Good

Vin Marottoli at La Nuit en Rosé New York

Vin Marottoli at La Nuit en Rosé New York

Some Highlights and Favorite Rosés from La Nuit en Rosé New York

It’s a tough job being a wine critic and tour organizer; you constantly have to go to trade events to keep current and make important contacts. But somebody’s gotta do it!

I was fortunate to be invited to the 2nd La Nuit en Rosé Festival, this time in NYC, on board the Horblower Infinity Yacht cruising the Hudson River while sipping (and spitting) my way through hundreds of rosé wines from throughout the world. It was hard to concentrate on the wines as we were passing the Statue of Liberty or Manhattan’s skyline. But I did my best.

I had some fortuitous practice back in January when I happened to be in Miami Beach for the 1st edition of La Nuit en Rosé; different setting but a great way to change one’s attitude about the category of rosé.

La Nuit en Rosé New York: crusing the Hudson on board the Horblower Infinity Yacht

La Nuit en Rosé NYC: crusing the Hudson on board the Horblower Infinity Yacht

There were some exotic choices: wines from Morocco and Turkey for example, but the majority of the wines were French with some Spanish and Italian. And many red grapes had the chance to show what they can do with a little less pressing. The outstanding rosés as would be expected were from Tavel in the Rhone Valley. Tavel producers have set the bar high and winemakers throughout the world should be inspired to emulate them.

There were over 150 wines from 120 different wineries in 9 different countries. Although I did my best to try them all, I may have missed one or two. And I would be hard-pressed to single out just one, since they were all wonderful. But I must confess that the sparkling rosés that were presented made the best impression.

I’ll just cite a few favorite sparkling rosés from memory (in this case all were from France):

Vin Marottoli from Wine Lovers Tours at La Nuit en Rosé - January in Miami Beach

Vin Sr and Jr at La Nuit en Rosé – January in Miami Beach

  • Pommery (Champagne)
  • La Chapelle Gordonne(Provence)
  • Veuve du Vernay (France)
  • Estandon Legende (Provence)
  • Mas de Daumas Gassac Frizant (Languedoc)
  • Thomas Jefferson Crémant de Limoux (Languedoc) and
  • Paul de Coste Sparkling Brut (Burgundy)

Many favorites were from Provence or the neighboring Languedoc region and we just may be visiting some of these wine producers in our upcoming Wine Tour and River Cruise to Provence in 2016. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more on the wines of Provence.

For more on La Nuit en Rosé or the participating wine producers, visit: nuitrose.com

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