Great Ways to Chill Wine – Hot Summer Day Meet the Wine Popsicle

White Sangria Popsicle

White Sangria Popsicle

Don’t chill your wine with ice cubes. Try this instead.

Don’t dilute your wine with ice; use a wine ice cube instead. As a wine lover, I dare you find anything as refreshing as a wine popsicle to cool you down.

Just pour your favorite wine into your ice cube trays and use them to keep your wine chilled. Frozen grapes or complimentary fruits can also work well. You can get as exotic as you want; in fact my eyes were attracted to a recipe for white sangria popsicles.

Give it a try and tell me if it helps cool you down.

How to quickly chill a warm bottle at room temperature:

Storing your wines at proper temperatures before serving is always ideal. However, you may not always have time or space to pre-chill your wine or you may have purchased it unchilled and wish to drink it right away.

If you’d like to quickly cool down a bottle below room temperature in a little as 10 minutes, here’s a quick and easy way:

  1. Place the bottle in a bucket filled partly with ice and fill the rest with water (say 50/50). The cool water surrounds the bottle, extracts heat and helps transfer the cold faster than ice alone.
  2. Speed things up further by adding salt which causes the ice to melt faster, and in turn, cool the water faster.
  3. Lastly, move and rotate the bottle a few times within the bucket to help to distribute the cooler temperature evenly.

Last revised: July 4, 2016

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