Many of us on our Rioja tour went on our first tapas crawl in Logroño which probably has more tapas bars than any other Spanish city, and all within a reasonable walking distance in the old town.

The main ‘street’ (it’s only about 8′ wide) is Calle Laurel loaded with one tapas bar after another. Each

Calle Laurel

Calle Laurel


usually specializes in one or two tapas; Angel for example only does mushrooms: a pile of 3, topped with a shrimp, loaded with oil, for about 3 euros. That’s about the average price for the tapas. My favorite was bacalao and langostino tempura.

The streets were almost impassible with others on a tapas crawl; it was a holiday weekend and the crowds were still strong at 10:30pm when we left. It’s an amazing experience with people of all ages socializing, having a great time and behaving responsibly.


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