Want to Own a Vineyard in Oregon?

If you dream of owning a vineyard but can’t afford the whole thing, this may be your opportunity.

Willamette Valley Vineyards of Oregon is planning to finance two new vineyards through a Preferred Stock Offering: Elton Winery in Eola-Amity Hills Oregon and SeVein, located on the Oregon side of Walla Walla Valley. The Elton winery will specialize in small lots of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and the other in Walla Walla AVA specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon.

Founder Jim Bernau first planted Pinot Noir vines in the Salem Hills area of Oregon in 1983 and in 1989 funded the construction of Willamette Valley

Winemaker Jim Bernau

Vineyards by conducting the first successful, self-underwritten common stock offering in the country, thereby extending ownership to more than 5,000 wine lovers. He hopes to do the same with the proposed vineyards and is actually well on his way. He has raised over $5 million in subscriptions to date.

The shares are priced at $4.25 each, with a minimum purchase of 300 shares and a maximum of 1,205 shares. That price is scheduled to increase to $4.35 in 2016.

Both wineries are scheduled to open in 2017 and this could be your only chance to become an owner, albeit partial, of a winery.

You can get more information regarding the winery and an investment by going here or calling the winery at 503-588-9463.

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