NY Times Picks Top 52 Travel Destinations for 2016 – Get out there!

Updated July 26, 2017

The New York Times recently published its recommended list of the top 52 travel destinations. I am happy to note that we’ve visited 14 of the destinations and 4 of them are on our to-do list. The others aren’t wine destinations but I’m sure they’re great places to visit.

Here are the destinations we’ve visited, some numerous times:

  • switzerland-jura-wine-tour-album-2015-IMG_5920Bordeaux– our Bordeaux ‘Boot Camp’ was a great success
  • Turkey– we were surprised at even finding wineries, much less how good they were (view our gallery here).
  • Argentina– Mendoza and Salta: 2 of the world’s great wine destinations (Patagonia remains on our t0-do list) – (album here)
  • Croatia– Korcula Island was enchanting- and great wine too
  • San Sebastian– seafood and Txokoli, a marriage made in Heaven
  • Uruguay– Italian immigrants did it again, only Tannat is the hit

  • Switzerland
    – breathtakingly beautiful and great wines- what more can you ask for? (view our photo gallery here)
  • Barcelona– nearby cava production is a must visit
  • Turin– not much wine near the city but it is near spumante production and is in the well known wine region of Piedmont (gallery link).
  • Mosel– the top wine destination in the world, in my humble opinion
  • Austria– surprisingly diverse and picturesque wine region on the Danube (view photoalbum here)
  • Colmar– France’s ‘Little Venice’ is at the heart of the Alsace wine region
  • East Bay California– why single out the area near San Fran? But if you’re there, it’s an easy visit
  • Malaga- lunch at Jorge Ordoñez’ family estate with his sister was a top visit

Here are the ones on our ‘to-do’ list:

Below are some on the NY Times list which we were already considering offering in the next year or two. We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you’d love to see Wine Lovers Tours go next. Drop us a line here or comment below.

  • Czech Republic– Prague is beautiful and I’m told the wines are not shabby
  • Thessaloniki– Greece’s 2nd largest city way up in the north near Turkey is also known as one of Greece’s top destinations for food and wine (UPDATE: We will be visiting Thessaloniki in our upcoming 2017 Greece Wine Tour).
  • Vancouver– this is fast becoming a hot wine destination
  • Australia– so far away, yet so famous (UPDATE: Check this off our to do list – we had a great tour here in 2017)

Where have you been? Where would you like to go?

One consistent message from Karl Pillemer, Ph.D. interviews of hundreds of older Americans to systematically collect their practical wisdom – travel.

Where have you been lately? If you haven’t travelled enough or have been putting it off – maybe now is a good time to reconsider. Skift’s “Travel Habits of Americans” study (Fall 2014 and Summer 2015) found that 51 percent of Americans had not taken a single vacation day for the entire year. That resulted in 429 million unused vacation days left on the table by Americans in 2014 (according to survey by the U.S. Travel Association) or $52 billion wasted each year in unused vacation benefits!!!

Travel is one of the most important experiences in life. Karl Pillemer, a Ph.D. at Cornell University, has been interviewing hundreds of older Americans to systematically collect their practical wisdom. One message he found was consistent – travel often. We encourage you to travel, whether on an experiential food and wine tour with Wine Lovers Tours or on your own – get out there. lombardi-2014-30We offer plenty of advice in our blog on where to go on your own based on our past tours or you can simply try picking from the NY Times list. Even a long weekend locally is beneficial. Stop making excuses and wasting your hard earned vacation time – it can be more affordable than you think and your mind and body will thank you.

Where would you like to go? We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you’d like to go or where you’d like to see Wine Lovers Tours go next. Drop us a line here or comment below.

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