Drink Wine for Your Health

By March 30, 2016Food, Wine & Health

I’ve come across yet some additional studies positing the healthful benefits that come from drinking wine, as recently reported in the Wine Spectator. Christine Dalton reports in the 1/31/16 issue that Israeli researchers have found that a single glass of wine per day can help type 2 diabetes patients and also decrease heart disease while increasing levels of the good cholesterol HDL.

The report was published in the October 20 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers tested over 200 patients for 2 years; everyone followed a Mediterranean diet but some were given 150ml of wine per day and others drank just mineral water.

The patients who drank wine experienced much better health benefits than the water drinkers and the results came from both red and white wine.

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Start exercising early

Another report in the 3/31 issue of the Wine Spectator focused on a study published in November 2015 in Frontiers in Psychiatry. The conclusion was that wine and exercise reinforce health benefits. Both alcohol and exercise cause the release of chemicals in the brain “that make people feel good” such as endorphins and dopamine.

The Mediterranean diet, lest we forget, comprises grain, vegetables, little red meat, wine and the substitution of olive oil for butter. If we consider the life style of a person living in the Mediterranean basin, exercise is an integral part of the daily lifestyle. So my conclusion is that it just makes good sense to exercise daily and emulate the Mediterranean diet. No one can control destiny but why not increase the odds in your favor?

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