Visiting wineries is a lot of fun; it’s technically called oenotourism and it’s mutually beneficial. Wineries get to sell their wines directly and you can bring home memories of your favorite wines to share the experience with fellow wine lovers.

Not such a problem if you can drive to the winery. But what about the wineries you visit far from home? If you fly, you know that liquids can’t be brought in the cabin unless purchased at a duty free store. Your choices are limited: you can ship the wines home, you can pack them in your suitcase or do what I usually do: bring them back in a special shipping carton that I check in as luggage.

What are your options?

The JetBag Wine Diaper is a padded, sealable plastic  bag that completely seals the bottle for safe storage in your luggage. It’s a once-use item.

There are also some reusable wine protectors such as the Vinnibag and the WineHug. An inexpensive alternative is the Wine Skin, a simple bottle-shaped pack of bubble wrap.

But these options are not useful if you plan on bringing back a case of wine, or more. So what are the big shippers to do?

Vin and his beloved wine shipping cartons

Vin and his beloved wine shipping cartons

You can do what I do: buy 12 bottle shipping cartons from eBeaver. They’re dirt cheap. The only problem is that you’ll have to check them in as luggage and might have to pay an extra luggage fee. But remember: you aren’t bringing back wines readily available in the States. Your selections are usually unique, rare or impossible to find wines, many that you’ve had autographed by the winemaker. These are priceless memories, and wine lovers, you are worth it!

Of course if you don’t want go travel with cardboard boxes, there are more stylish alternatives, albeit  more costly.

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