Live from Campania: Days 3 & 4 – Wine, Mozzarella, Paestum Ruins & Amalfi Coast Drive

Lunch at San Salvatore

Lunch at San Salvatore

Two great wine days in sunny Southern Italy.

Day 3 – New wine hot spot – Cilento; Mozzarella di Bufala; and the Greco-Roman Ruins of Paestum

Day 3 brought us to Cilento which is where the new action is taking place. We started with a fascinating and educational visit to a local producer of mozzarella di bufala.  Our winery visit was San Salvatore, a 3 bicchieri award winner in 2016. This is a relatively new operation and we were escorted by their young winemaker, Alessandro Lioni, originally from Tuscany who shares the owners’ vision that Campania, and in particular, Cilento, can and is producing some of the most impressive wines in Italy.


Visit to the Greco-Roman ruins at Paestum

We learned that the sea plays a big factor here, just as in Bolgheri, ripening the grapes earlier and faster. We had a delightful lunch at the winery, during which we tasted Joi, a wonderful brut rosé made from aglianico; Pian di Stio 2015, a fiano grown in the mountains with a profound aroma and crisp acidity; Trentamare 2015, made from grapes growing near the sea, with less aromatics and acidity, but still a very nice wine; Ceraso IGT 2015 Paestum DOC, a very nice expression of aglianico.

After lunch, we went on a guided tour of the Greek ruins of Paestum which are every bit as impressive as anything you see in Greece. This area in fact was called Magna Grecia.

Day 4 – Amalfi Coast from Two Sides – Intentional Amalfi Cliff Drive; Marisa Cuomo Winery; Boat Ride Home


Boat ride back home along the Amalfi Coast

On Day 4, we drove the entire length of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, a treat that everyone should do at least once. It’s only a road, but what a drive it is: hairpin turns, precipitous cliffs, breathtaking views – but it’s best to go as a passenger (or on an escorted wine tour) because as a driver, I assure you that you won’t take your eyes off the road.

We stopped for a visit at the Marissa Cuomo Winery, another 3 bicchieri award winner this year. Located high above the Amalfi coast in Furore, this winery is bringing back abandoned vineyards and grape varieties.

Maximizing economies of space is an understatement, as the production facilities are carved into the surrounding terraced hills. The treacherous terraces are very hard to work  and many members of the younger generation don’t want any part of it. The winery’s efforts are clearly paying off and we wish them continued success.

Our day ended following the Amalfi Coast from a different vantage point, with a private boat ride along the coast back to Salerno, our home base.


For more details on the wines, wineries, restaurants and much more, be sure to check out our daily blogs from Campania below:

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