Sardinia Day 3: Culture, Wine and Cuisine

We transferred from Cagliari to Alghero and on the way, did a winery, lunch at a 1 star Michelin restaurant and a visit to a Nuraghe archeological site. Food, wine and culture: our goal for a perfect day in wine country.

Salvatore and daughter Valeria

Salvatore and daughter Valeria

Our winery visit was as the 6 year old Su’Entu Winery, whose owner, Salvatore Pilloni, had a chain of perfume and beauty stores in Sardinia which he sold to start the winery in his home village. The first vintage was 2012 and in this short time span, he developed an outstanding array of wines, with the focus on native varietals.

In fact his Bovale received a 2 Glass Red award from 3 bicchieri, so it was in the finals for a 3 glass award. The same wine was selected by Veronelli, another wine competition, as one of the top 20 wines in Italy, in a field of 20,000.
The winery has grown quickly, from an initial production of 30,000 bottles to 150,000, all in 6 years. It’s a family affair and all 3 children are involved in the winery operation.

Our tasting notes:
1.Brut Bianco 2015, a spumante vermentino charmat process with a delightful fruity fragrance
2. Vermentino 2015, a beautiful green gold color with delicious citrus dimensions
3. Aromatico IGT Marmilla 2015, a blend of chardonnay, moscato and nasco, full-bodied and very fragrant
4. Mediterraneo 2013 a blend of 3 grapes
5. Bovale 2014, their top award-winning wine made from late harvested grapes which gives this red a lush full richness
6. Passito, made from nasco grapes, a honey-like aroma and taste

The winery name comes from the Sardinian word for ‘wind’ which sweeps across the island regularly and is a benevolent factor since it reduces dramatically the need to spray. Instead of 20/30 sprayings typical in northern Italy, they only need to spray 3 times.

lunch at 1 star S'Apposentu

lunch at 1 star S’Apposentu

Our lunch was as S’apposentu which is considered by many as the top restaurant on the island. Roberto Petzu sources all his ingredients locally, much of it from his own garden. Our multi course lunch featured a modern interpretation of traditional Sardinian cuisine:appetizers accompanied by the Su’entu brut rosé;  3 entrées: onion gelato with local  smoked fish; egg, onion, bacon, black truffle in potato soup; and pane frattau,lasagne that was really bread not pasta, all the above accompanied by Perseu vermentino, a tiny producer with only 2,000 bottles of this wine; fregua, a couscous pasta with seafood accompaniment; onion raviolini with pecorino sauce; and main course of braised beef that melted in your mouth, all of the above accompanied by Perseu cannonau, only 3,000 bottles made; a cheese course and a dessert course called “a walk through my garden.” A very creative chef that deserves his 1 star Michelin, and probably would have gotten at least another star had he not been located in such a remote town.

Losa Nuraghe

Losa Nuraghe

Then we had a guided tour of Losa Nuraghe. Our guide told us that there are over 6,000 nuraghe which were built during the bronze age some 3,500 years BC. Not much is known about the function of these remarkable structures, nor how they were constructed. But everyone found the visit fascinating and being able to walk through edifices that have existed for so long was a very humbling, yet inspiration experience.




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