Sardinia Day 4: Sella and Mosca Day

Sardinia’s largest winery and one of the largest in Italy is Sella and Mosca. At almost 7 million bottles, it dwarfs the closest winery in size. Yet despite this huge operation, quality is evident everywhere, from the vineyards to the vinification areas.

Sella and Mosca 1903 concrete vats

Sella and Mosca 1903 concrete vats

With well over 1,000 acres, it was awesome to see an ocean of vineyards, almost as far as the eye can see in either direction. They replant vineyards every 30 years, and in the process bought a special machine that digs 30 feet deep into the rock substrata, breaks up the rocks and puts them back mixed with soil.

Sardinian wines suffer from a lack of acidity because of an overabundance of sun. So winemaking has to be very careful on the timing of the harvest.

In 1905, the winery also became a nursery, supplying over 1,000 varieties of grapes to winemakers throughout the world.

Sella and Mosca also is the only winery to produce a wine from the torbato grape, which was originally brought to the island by the Catalans.

Our tasting included:

  1. Terre Bianche Torbato 2015, mild in acidity with an unusual aroma and taste  which takes time to get used to.
  2.  La Cala vermentino 2015, with high acidity, citrus flavors, a classic profile of this grape
  3. Cannonau Riserva 2011, beautiful color with shades of onion skin, red berry nose, a wonderful finish and a bargain at 9 euros
  4. Marchese de Villamarina 2010, a 100% cabernet sauvignon with a deep red color and eucalyptus aroma, still very young
  5. Anghelu Ruju Riserva 2004, vino liquoroso, made from fortified cannonau

For lunch we went to Su Mantu, an agriturismo that produced everything they served, from the prosciutto to the diverse kinds of pecorino cheese to the breads and even the wine. This was a walk back into time as we toured the estate and the museum.

A fine day indeed!

For more details on the wines, wineries, restaurants and much more, be sure to check out our daily blogs from Sardinia below:

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