Pompeii’s Pearly Whites

If you’ve ever visited the ruins of Campania, one of the most striking exhibits are the torsos of people who were buried in the volcanic ash. That effectively preserved their skeletons, and if you look closely, you’ll notice their well preserved dentures. Although they had bad luck to be home that day, they did have a life that gave them great teeth, thanks to Vesuvius.

Notice the pearly whites

Vesuvius had an abundance of fluorine in the ground and much like the fluoride in today’s water supply, it did wonders to maintain healthy teeth. But their diets also contributed to their good dental health. They lived off prey and fruits. Sugar did not even exist so the modern diets of carbs, cereals and sugar-especially the sugar -was foreign to the people of Pompeii.

Archeologists also found proof that Pompeii’s citizens did practice good dental habits besides their diets and the naturally present fluorine.  Although they didn’t have toothbrushes, they used sticks to clean their teeth and abrasive powders made from natural substances.

It would be interesting if the dental scientists checked for the presence of fluorine near other volcanoes. It should be something present where ever there are volcanoes.So if you’re fortunate to live near one, you have a head start on good dental practices. All you need to do is cut down the sugar and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, and you too will have pearly whites to show off.

My thanks to Business Insider for bringing this piece of dental health of my ancestors to my attention.

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