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There’s so much happening in the world that despite instant access, it’s difficult to keep up with health and safety issues of concern to travelers. That’s why I recommend this site I recently discovered that provides instant up-to-date capsules for every destination imaginable.

It’s an interactive world map that shows the levels of every nation’s overall health and safety risks. It was released this past December by International SOS and Control Risks. The two companies evaluate diseases, environmental risks, road and security conditions and the quality and availability of health care and emergency services, in addition to things like political violence, social unrest and crime.IMG_5328

They call it the Travel Risk Map 2016 and uses color coding to indicate the availability of medical care. Green is for countries with very good medical care all the way to red for countries with poor medical care conditions.

There are also key codes indicating levels of risk from violence or unstable political situations. The interactive webmap next to the Travel Risk Map provides a summary of available medical and dental services.

International SOS provides assistance to its members to get the best medical care available worldwide. Membership is open to everyone and costs $435/ year or you can buy coverage for a single trip. Members receive basic coverage, assistance, referrals and information.

Some examples from the map: the countries with the lowest travel risk and the highest availability of medical care are all in West Europe in addition to Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay, Chile, Canada and the U.S.

Eastern European countries, Mexico and most countries in Central America and the Caribbean were ranked in the middle, while most of Africa rated a high risk.

A pdf of the map and an infographic can be downloaded from the International SOS website,

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