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By August 8, 2016Travel Tips

No sooner had I published my blog on Travel Health and Safety tips than one of my faithful readers, George B. of New Jersey, responded with  some additional very useful information.

George highly recommends the US State Dept site  for its travel alerts and travel warnings. It also has passport information and advice on countries where a visa is required. You can also enroll in the STEP program, which will allow the State Dept to better assist in an emergency.

George also suggests the CDC site with lots of useful info for the traveler. For instance my dentist is planning a trip to South Africa. The CDC site allows you to quickly access what vaccines are required and/or recommended.IMG_5338

You can also obtain updated information on Zika travel information and information on travel to the Olympics in Rio. It helps you find a clinic and has a disease directory, sort of a wikipedia of health info.

Still another site is published by the World Health Organization.(WHO). Currently on the site is an update on the yellow fever vaccination.  For instance did you know that there are airports that require proof of yellow fever vaccination even if you are in transit at the airport and never intend to leave the premises?

To have a complete and unbiased perception, George also suggests checking British and Canadian sites. For instance both the site and the Canadian government site make no mention of the requirement for yellow fever vaccination even if you are in transit at the airport.

Also available to check are the following sites: travelhealthpro (UK) and fitfortravel, another British site. This may sound like a lot of information and effort, but when it comes to your health, it’s better safe than sorry.

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