Do Volcanic Soils Make Volcanic Wines?

Volcanic Wines Are Not As Obvious as We Thought  
Our unique educational-and fun-tasting of volcanic wines at a brand new venue Café Fiore in Branford, CT was pretty successful I would say. The menu was served family-style so there was something for everybody. If you missed this event, not to worry- we will be back.
Now for the wines!
I thought it would be easy to detect the effects of volcanic soil on our wines- that was the one thread all the wines had in common. In retrospect if I had to do it again, I would taste the wines in pairs: same grape, but one wine produced on volcanic soil, the other non-volcanic soil.

        Lava flow on Mt. Etna.

We did just that on our opening wines: we paired a Fiano from the Benevento area, a non-volcanic soil, and another from Avellino, with a definite volcanic sub-strata. The “Danae” was fruity, crisp and absolutely delightful- and at $10, a great find. The Feudi Fiano by contrast was fuller, richer, with more texture and more subtle flavors and aromas, showing the impact of volcanic soil.
By the way, the other great find, our 3rd white, was from Hungary: Evoluccio also at $10.
Then we tasted 5 reds, all grown on volcanic soil- but honestly I would be hard pressed to identify any of these wines as coming from volcanic soils. Again I think it would have been more informative if we paired the same grape from different soils.
We ended with a gem: a passito from the Zibibbo grape grown on Pantelleria, the fiery volcanic island off the Sicily coast. Everyone adored this wine.
Here are the wines and prices, all available at our preferred wine shop, Mt. Carmel Wine & Spirits. Give them a call at 203-281-0800; a special ‘THANKS’ to Bob Feinn for all the prep work he did for this tasting.
Wartalia Fiano ‘Danae’    on sale at            9.99
Feudi Fiano di Avellino                               16.49
Evoluccio                                                          9.99
Suavia Monte Carbonare                            29.99
Atlantis                                                            17.99
Gricos                                                              14.99
Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Rosso         19.99
Chapter 24 Pinot Noir ‘The Fire’               47.99
Ben Ryé                                                          44.99


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