Top 5 Wines and Wineries of Corsica

On our recent tour to Corsica, our first to the island that was Napoleon’s birthplace, we averaged 2 winery visits each day. Mind you, Corsica, unlike its neighboring Italian island Sardinia, has minuscule boutique sized wineries. The largest only makes several hundred thousand bottles of wine and many produce under 20,000.

Even though we asked our participants to select their favorite wines and wineries in Corsica, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to find these Corsica wines in the States, because only recently have Corsican wineries started exporting their wines. But if you are fortunate to find some Corsican wines, you will not be disappointed because they have that expression of place that makes them so unique.

So here they are:

Top 5 Wines of Corsica

#5 Maestracci Villa Maestracci 2015 (Vermentino not yet released)

#4 Maestracci Clos Regina 2015 (4 grape red blend)

#3 Clos Culombu Muscat Dolce Biancu 2015 (Bill “the Judge”) loved this wine

#2 Clos Culombu Ribbe Rosse 2015 Vermentino

#1 Maestracci E Prove 2015- a superb Vermentino

Top 5 Winery Visits of Corsica

#5 Clos Ornasca

#4 Domaine Peraldi

#3 Clos Culombu

#2 U Stiliccionu

#1 Domaine Maestracci


As you can see, the top winery in Corsica as judged by our group and many other wine lovers is Domaine Maestracci. I encourage you to read our blog on Domaine Maestracci as well as the others for a more complete overview.

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