A while ago I conducted a blind tasting comparing 3 predominant Spanish grapes: monastrell, grenache and tempranillo. A priori I thought I was a Bandol lover: big masculine wines made from mourvèdre or monastrell, as it’s called in Spain.
Boy, was I surprised! Turns out I preferred all the wines made from grenache: fruity, not so tannic, easy to swallow with just the right amount of complexity.
That’s how I developed my wine profile and based on that, I seek wines made from similar grapes such as tempranillo, sangiovese and even pinot noir.
You can do the same procedure: taste wines blind and determine what you prefer. Or you can let experts help you determine your individual wine profile.
Why would this be helpful to you? It would help you narrow down the overwhelming number of wine choices you find in stores and restaurants
I came across two such sources which I’d like to share. The first is Tim Hanni who developed ‘Vinotype,’ which assesses

Tim Hanni

individual taste sensitivities and tolerances, then suggests wines that will appeal to your unique profile.
Tim has a serious background in wine and has earned the title, Master of Wine, one of the most difficult designations to achieve. He has also written a book on the topic: “Why You Like the Wine You Like. You can get more information on Vinotype on his site.
The one I first came across really impressed me. It’s called ” Can We Guess Which Wine You Drink.” The authors invite you to answer a short survey (free) and they then generate within seconds your wine profile with wine suggestions.
I was sceptical but I took the surver and the results were spot on. I encourage you to do the same and take the survey and quit knocking yourself out trying to determine which wines you like. Now you’ll know why you like what you like.

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