It’s always challenging picking the top wines from our tours because we usually go to wineries that have all earned a stellar reputation. I can honestly say that throughout both Puglia and Calabria, there were no dogs in any of our tastings. In fact we had many superb wines, mostly from grapes that are indigenous and relatively unknown in the States.

The wines I am about to announce may not be in all markets and may be hard to find because of the quantities shipped. Some will be impossible to find (such as Tre Pini) simply because they don’t export their wines. But make note of the grapes and ask for them the next time you’re at your local wine shop. It’s fun to be adventuresome and push your envelope.

So here they are:

Top 5 Wines from Puglia
#5 Leone de Castris Per Lui Negroamaro
#4 Cantele Amativo, blend of Primitive and Negroamaro
#3 Giancarlo Ceci Panascio Bombino Bianco
#2 Viglione Marpione Primitivo Riserva
#1 Tre Pini Primitivo Riserva with 17% alcohol!

Top 5 Wines from Calabria
#5 Statti Batassaro Gaglioppo
#4 à Vita Cirò Rosso Riserva Gaglioppo
#3 Librandi Duca San Felice Cirò Rosso Gaglioppo
#2 Ceraudo Grisara Pecorello
#1 Ippolito Ripe del Falco Gaglioppo (my favorite from all the above)

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